Wladimir SIMITCH

Long before taking up photography, Wladimir had the eye of a photographer. At the age of 10 he could spend hours in front of paintings by Guillaumet, Spilliaert and Delaunay, or watch his father, a painter, furiously working the surface of a canvas in pastel to reveal unreal landscapes bathed in harmonious colour.
That is how tastes and desires are forged, almost unbeknownst to us.

He was naturally drawn to painting and sculpture as a means of expression in parallel to his studies in law and the performing arts. Direct contact with the material had long been a necessity. When his mind wandered, his intellect wanted to materialize the fruit of his reveries, his hands wanted to touch, his eyes to see. Yet this on-going passion would never be his main activity. He worked in sales in an advertising agency and for a real estate development company and then as an assistant producer for short films, clips and adverts. The photographic bug came late. He was captured by the black hole of the lens and seduced by this means of expression of infinite possibility: able to manipulate or reveal the beauty of the real, and happy to observe that photography is also a wonderful social tool that allows one to get closer to others, to observe, to learn and to transmit. He then became a child again, eyes wide with wonder, pupils filled with light.