Bayeux-Calvados Prize for war correspondents

Since 1994, the town of Bayeux, in association with the Calvados Regional Council, has organized its annual Bayeux-Calvados Prize for war correspondents, an award that aims to pay tribute to those journalists who exercise their profession in extremely hazardous conditions to enable us to have access to freedom of information.

In the course of the 2014 Bayeux-Calvados Prize for war correspondents, the Connected Stories by CAPA teams provided non-stop, real-time content for the festival site and blog. Exhibitions, debates, the state of affairs in Iraq in 2014, re-broadcasting of the closing ceremony, interviews with award winners… In all, eleven 2 to 3 minute reports were produced and put on line over the 4-day period.

Since 2010, CAPA Entreprises has taken care of the organisation of the closing ceremony while Object in mirror has handled the graphic design (credits, jingles, etc.) of the evening’s events and of the festival blog. In 2015, Object in mirror also entirely revamped the Bayeux-Calvados Prize website.