Born in 1970 in Paris. 43 years old. Interests include, the plastic arts, photography, cooking and the marine milieu. Having studied business, he worked as a photographer/reporter with the Ministry of the Interior for one year. He then enrolled at the Gobelins arts school from where he graduated in advertising photography.

Thus, since 1994 he has been exercising his profession as a portrait and advertising photographer. In that same year he set up Miro, a company specializing in corporate photography. He then spent 3 months in Quebec making a documentary on the theme of new French immigrants for the Office Franco Québécois pour la Jeunesse.

In 1996, he did a series of photographic portraits on the national park rangers and winemakers of South Africa.

In 1997, in Paris, he created the Galerie Boutique Epicerie Artibus where he organized exhibitions on the themes of design and gastronomy. In conjunction with a designer, he developed a line of lamps called “Fertility Lampes”.

For a time, in homage to Grimod de La Reynière and Daniel Spoerri, he organized Wednesday happenings in his home featuring theme dinners, music, costumes, decoration, lighting and gastronomy. For 15 years now he has organized “culinary jousts” on board barges as part of an illustration project on European canals for Locaboat Plaisance. For the Gault Millau magazine and Revue du Vin de France he has done articles and photography for gastronomic reportages (from 2002 to 2004).

En 2003, for Berner the tooling company, he undertook a photographic Tour de France to meet the sales force. The idea was to valorize this profession and, by way of humour and staging, to highlight the relationship of complicity that the salespeople nurture with their customers. This photographic work resulted in an exhibition.

In 2004, he collaborated on the photographic implementation of the leading e-commerce site in Europe for whom he still works as a photographer. In the same year, after a meeting with the passionate market gardener Joël Thiébault he set up a company called Le Haut du Panier which delivers vegetables to Parisians’ homes once a week.

Today, Le Haut du Panier selects the best of fresh produce – such as cheeses and breads – for its deliveries. The website features a host of vegetable recipes. He thus collaborated on the famous book published by Flammarion in 2005 – “Les légumes de Joël”.

From March 2008 to March 2010, he set out to sail the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, covering a distance of 30,000 km – the equivalent of sailing around the world.

Since April 2010 he has been working as a photographer in Paris. In November and December 2010 he did an industrial reportage to illustrate a book for the Cadbury company. Since January 2011, he has been working on the theme of the city for ENGIE. He regularly does ambiance photography for and for HR campaigns for agencies.