Caroline DOUTRE

Born in 1972 in Saint-Etienne. Lives in Paris. Freeelance photographer.

Internship in photojournalism at EMI-CFD (2003). Graduated in Political Science – Lyon.

1996-2002: Journalist with the local written press (text and pictures). A stint in the audio-visual domain – journalist, hosting and producing local TV programmes. Edited a digital photography magazine, then editorial webmaster for an IT website.

After 7 years of diverse experience in the media, she decided in 2002 to devote herself to her earliest love – photography. She currently works for the written press (political and social current affairs, reportages, portraits), in corporate and institutional communications, and in musical publishing.

References: L’Humanité, CIC, IAURIF, La Prévention Routière, Crédit Mutuel, AFJE, XERFI, RTL, GDF SUEZ, Deloitte, Dassault, Orange, Thales, Little Tribeca, Naïve, Transart Live…

She continues to work in parallel on her own personal projects – human expression, signage, humankind’s relationship to its environment.